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Can Windmill (WMT) Save the Environment?

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Can Windmill (WMT) Save the Environment?

January 08
01:52 2022
Can Windmill (WMT) Save the Environment?
Windmill (WMT) is a decentralized eco-friendly utility community token. The Windmill team and their community are focused on creating sustainable tokens that not only have real and practical uses for the world today, but also help preserve it for future generations.

Dordrecht, The Netherlands – One of the most common criticisms levied against this recent surge in cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0 more generally is that they haven’t always been that kind to the environment. Take for example the general uproar around the scale of resources that are required to maintain the Bitcoin network – due to the excessive computing power needed to mine the coins and validate the transactions. This is a serious concern.

None of the potential that crypto projects provide can be realized if we aren’t looking after the sustainability of the projects themselves and of the environment that we all rely on as humans. We need to shift our mindset around how these projects interact with larger-scale societal problems.

In this vein, it’s really exciting to see some forward-thinking entrepreneurs moving in this direction. One great example is a token called Windmill which is setting out to be the cleanest cryptocurrency in the world.

This utility currency is a community-driven effort to take the power of decentralized finance and apply it towards some of the key environmental challenges that face as a species. For starters, 4% of all funds raised are donated to planting trees thanks to a partnership with Grow My Tree. This has been in place since launch and acts as their first foray into environmental sustainability.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Windmill ecosystem will be built around what they’re calling an ‘Eco Market’ which facilitates a platform for a select group of environmentally-focused partners to sell, promote, and collaborate on their various causes. By bringing together some of the leading projects from around the world, the community can engage with and support those that are pushing the boundaries on what is possible.

Speaking of community, the team is also very open to new ideas on how to do good and that’s why they’ve opened up a submission process where anyone in the network can propose how they’d like to see the funds being disbursed. This should help to unearth hidden gems and low-hanging fruit that might just turn into significant value creators for the ecosystem itself.

All of this is neatly wrapped up in the Windmill token which offers generous staking rewards and a chance to be a part of something that can genuinely improve the world that we live in. In times where most crypto projects are purely focused on making money, it’s refreshing to see a project like this that has much deeper ambitions. What’s also cool to see is that they’re focused on building as transparently as possible so that everyone who joins the community feels engaged and empowered throughout the roadmap (or as they call it – the ‘Forest Path’).

We all hope to see more crypto projects follow in these footsteps so that the industry can do its bit for long-term sustainability and social consciousness. We cannot stick our heads in the sand and ignore our impact on the environment. It’s time that we stand up and use these new technologies to facilitate new solutions.

We only have one earth. And we need to look after it.

For more information and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via their website at

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