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Plastic Finance Aims to solve Earth’s plastic waste problem with Blockchain-based Startup

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Plastic Finance Aims to solve Earth’s plastic waste problem with Blockchain-based Startup

January 24
14:04 2022
Plastic Finance is a new crypto platform working for a noble cause. It has developed an ESG startup from Indonesia that uses blockchain to solve plastic waste with transparency.

Plastic Finance focuses on plastic waste recycling by increasing the productivity of waste pickers. They are not disrupting the value chain of waste; instead, they add value to the value chain to benefit all parties. Moreover, they support the tree replanting program to decarbonize CO2 pollution, further cementing their commitment to the circular economy.

In a recent development, they have announced that a new ESG Green startup uses blockchain to fight Earth’s Plastic Waste Problem. This project answers the plastic waste problem, which in turn contributes to fixing plastic pollution (the E factor), creates financial inclusion through DeFi and Cooperative (the S factor), and all the processes will be open and transparent using blockchain technology (the G factor). They would like to show Plastic Finance is here to solve Earth’s plastic waste problem. Plastic Finance gives profit-sharing for token holders, waste pickers, and waste cooperatives. 

Plastic Finance aims to enable the waste communities. They focus on activities that will increase their self-esteem, which improves their productivity and well-being. Their effort to enrich the recycling system and empower waste communities can be sustained and widened with the help of investment communities. With DApps and DeFi, they democratize access for everyone to take part in a global mission to recycle and empower

Plastic Finance, through the MRF, aims to share 10% of the dividend for the tree replanting program. Such a program will be done via partnerships with certified planter organizations such as Sinergi Foundation, One Tree Planted, Tree of Heart, and many others. They estimate each 1 PLAS token worth US$1 equals 10 kg CO2/year absorbed and 80 kg/ year plastic recycled with the current environment. Each MRF can contribute 216,000 kg CO2/year and recycle 1,800 tons of plastic per year.

A critical process in their model is creating a Cooperative, in which members are waste pickers. Cooperative will strengthen the bargaining power of waste pickers to get better trading terms for their waste. Cooperative can also protect their member from loan sharks by providing funding access. From a social perspective, Cooperative helps to empower the social standing of waste pickers via education and legal protection. Finally, Cooperatives have more power to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology for waste recycling.

About Plastic Finance:

It is a platform that focuses on plastic recycling systems and Green Energy Project. By using a circular economy approach, which benefits all parties, especially the waste pickers, our purpose is to cleanse the Earth from toxic waste and give profit to their investors in the process.

Intending users must visit the website for more information. Join Telegram and Twitter to connect with the community.

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