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OutdoorLights Reveals the 10 Top-Rated Solar Path Lights in 2022

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OutdoorLights Reveals the 10 Top-Rated Solar Path Lights in 2022

May 05
20:16 2022
The ratings are based on value for money, solar efficiency, design, brightness, and battery life

May 5, 2022 – World’s leading outdoor lighting brand OutdoorLights has revealed the ten best solar path lights released in 2022. The performance test to choose the top-rated solar-powered lighting devices was led by outdoor lighting specialist James Perry. The study was based on five criteria points – value, efficiency, design, brightness levels, and battery life.

Solar-powered pathway lights, commonly known as walkway lights, sidewalk lights, and driveway lights, have hugely increased in popularity in the past year. This was mostly due to a consumer preference for eco-friendly energy solutions to tackle the rising energy prices and inflation levels. Solar path lights are often used to illuminate paths and lawns as well as to increase security, and add lighting accents to outdoor spaces.

James Perry, a senior lighting specialist at The OutdoorLights Store, commented on the increase in demand for solar-powered lighting solutions, particularly solar pathway lights. He said: “Solar lights are this generation’s preferred eco-friendly solution. In recent years, consumers have started to acknowledge that solar lights are a great investment both in the short and long terms.”

The consumer shift to solar lights has been aided by new consumer products that are more affordable, efficient, and cost-effective. Perry added: “The image of solar power is evolving from an alternative to traditional energy sources to being viewed as a cost-effective solution. Pathway lights are a particularly popular lighting solution due to their versatility. These lights can not only be great in the summertime when people enjoy more time outside but also a key security element to help people see where they’re going at night.”  

Solar lights produce electricity through solar energy absorbed by the solar panels during the day. This energy is stored in reusable batteries, which are then used to power the lights at night. This process doesn’t rely on traditional electricity, and therefore it is a practical long-term investment both financially and environmentally.

The OutdoorLights Store tested the performance of a comprehensive range of solar walkway lights currently available in the market. The company believes that this rating system will assist customers to make an informed decision when it comes to investing in solar lights during the summer of 2022.

OutdoorLights specifies six factors that customers should consider before buying a solar path light: brightness, battery life, number of lights, solar panel, style, and protection (IP rating).

As a rule of thumb, OutdoorLights recommends choosing solar sidewalk lights that have a brightness between 150 and 300 lumens, NiMH rechargeable batteries, and an IP rating above 55. The number of lights required can be calculated based on the outdoor space area.

Investing in high-quality solar walkway lights is recommended as they’re more likely to last for a long time. Perry reiterated: “Solar-powered lights that use high-quality solar panels can last up to 10 years. Furthermore, these lights are usually more efficient and they’re more likely to work properly even when there is reduced sunlight, particularly in winter.”

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