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INME Finance is set to Transform the Crypto World with its suite of Innovative Projects

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INME Finance is set to Transform the Crypto World with its suite of Innovative Projects

May 31
14:48 2022
INME Finance plans to roll out 3 major projects for the benefit of the crypto community. One of the projects INME Swap is already live and the other two are scheduled to go live soon.

UNITED STATES – INME Finance announced the launch of its unique project called INME Swap which will simplify the trading of cryptocurrencies. This is the first of its kind project which could result in significant profit as the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates rapidly. INME Swap is the first in the series of three projects that the company plans to unveil soon. With the launch of the Swap project, INME will be at the forefront of the next-generation companies as it seeks to capitalize on the fast-evolving crypto world.

Speaking on the occasion, a representative from INME said, “We are thrilled to launch the INME Swap project with a vision to bring about a revolution in the world of cryptocurrency trading. INME swap services are becoming increasingly important in the continuing crypto revolution, and we are excited to be a part of it. We believe our project will drive more participation by simplifying cryptocurrency trading for the beginners as well as experienced players.”

INME is one of the projects that supports staking, which means you can earn extra crypto without doing anything else. INME swapping services bring simplicity, speed, cost, and security to the table. INME’s website allows customers to purchase cryptocurrency using credit or debit cards. Token swaps services are expected to grow more popular as the crypto industry moves closer to general use.

As amazing as the Crypto world currently is, there is always demand for innovative projects in this space. INME Finance is on a mission to introduce fresh ideas and applications that will delight the crypto community and at the same time help them earn revenues. The upcoming projects of INME include INME Run, a play and earn crypto game, and INME Mart, a marketplace for NFTs.

INME Run will allow gamers to improve their gaming experience while also earning incentives. INME Run will play a significant role in the growth of the Play-to-Earn market, thus giving a big boost to virtual economies.

In recent years, the popularity of NFTs has exploded with new NFT collections and metaverses springing up every day. INME Mart will provide a cost-effective and easy-to-navigate marketplace for users to buy and sell their digital art. By offering an integrated ecosystem, the INME marketplace will act as a bridge, simplifying transactions and minimizing the steps to complete a transaction.

INME Swap provides every NFT INME owner with a front for the Metaverse, allowing them to the top of the crypto gaming and NFT Markets.

INME swap will include a crypto wallet, which will keep your holdings on the blockchain but only allow you to access them with a private key. Your keys prove that you control your digital currency and allow you to conduct transactions.

With the INME Exchange application, users can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies and can exchange crypto for fiat currencies from all over the world.

The passionate and talented team at INME has put substantial efforts into developing a brilliant set of applications while overcoming the drawbacks of the apps currently available on the market.

Built with both experts and beginners in mind, INME’s suite of applications will drive the participation of the masses into the crypto world and help them enjoy the various benefits.

INME has been working tirelessly with a vision to harness crypto and blockchain technology to build an integrated economic and social fabric that will benefit the entire community of crypto users, traders, and investors.

INME token is now available to buy and hold on Since its launch, it has seen good volumes and surged in value with an ROI of almost 200%.

For INME Run, the company will have a presale on Pink sale in next few days. The game will be available on iOS and android.

About INME Finance

INME Finance is an innovative start-up in the crypto space that has launched a suite of applications for the benefit of all the stakeholders in this niche. The company is registered in UK under Companies House, United Kingdom’s registrar of companies. INME Finance has put together a comprehensive roadmap that shows the commitment and dedication of its team. Led by a visionary management team and a portfolio of innovative products, INME is poised to become a huge success in the crypto world.

To access the roadmap, audit report and for more details, visit company’s website.

The brand has also launched a telegram channel where users can receive additional information about current and upcoming projects. 

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