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Jean Hamilton-Fford to Host on Zondra TV Network to Show How to Cultivate Influence and Build Sustainable Relationships

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Jean Hamilton-Fford to Host on Zondra TV Network to Show How to Cultivate Influence and Build Sustainable Relationships

September 07
20:08 2022

Dallas, TX, USA – September 7, 2022 – Jean Hamilton-Fford, TV producer, speaker, author, mentor, and podcaster, helps business owners and entrepreneurs amplify their impact, cultivate their influence, and build meaningful and sustainable relationships so they can connect, relate, collaborate, create peace, and make more money by making a difference. And that’s why she has been invited to host her program on Zondra TV Network with Zondra Evans.

“My message is that the power of language and communication, wisely chosen, can help you move mountains,” said Hamilton-Fford. “Because of this, my business is pivoting into live streaming media. I believe that we can all be our own firebrand and create change in our own world that will directly change everything and everyone. You can create a positive change in the world. Go make it happen!”

Hamilton-Fford’s podcast, Heart and Soul People, offers a unique opportunity to be seen and heard; work through a supportive program that allows listeners to dig deep and express the best of themselves; find their purpose and passion; and take favorable action to realize their dreams. “Let’s talk about change and evolution and how easy it can be-if you get out of your own way!” added Hamilton-Fford.

To learn more about Jean Hamilton-Fford and Heart and Soul People, or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, visit them online at

About ZondraTV

ZondraTV is a multi-media platform company with a potential reach of more than 200 million viewers and users. ZTV is currently being televised on seven different streaming platforms. To be featured on the ZondraTV Network, visit

About Jean Hamilton-Fford

Jean Hamilton-Fford has over 40 years of experience in a variety of industries as a TV producer, speaker, author, mentor, and podcaster. Hamilton-Fford is also an ACA Business Club Executive Chair for the Women’s Connection, Woman Who, and Toastmaster.

“I love conversing with others and setting them free from their blocks and barriers, their resistance to possibilities,” said Hamilton-Fford. “We all have restraints on our physicality, finances, time, and energy. But as a teacher once shared with me, Life is the greatest project you will ever undertake. It is the greatest adventure, the greatest journey, the greatest experience you will ever have!”

Hamilton-Fford is also a disabled American/British person who lives with a disabled partner, bringing another level of adventure into the mix. Together, they make one whole person and get up to mischief and mayhem, jokes Jean.

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