ASY: Discover the Future of Digital Economy Model

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ASY: Discover the Future of Digital Economy Model

October 20
22:04 2022

(The Impossible Trinity), It was put forward by the American economist Paul Krugman on the policy choice under the open economy. The triad paradox is a famous argument in international economics. Even in the context of industrial innovation, information revolution and the rise of new technologies, there are still triad paradoxes in the global economic and financial field. The iterative process of blockchain technology and the trilemma of decentralization, security and scalability are still troubled.

Founded in 2015, A Sunyear Foundation, headquartered in New Zealand, has grown from its beginnings in construction, traditional finance and family wealth office services to a strong expansion of crypto financial services to a leading global fintech foundation. After three years of research, design and practice, ASY Global Strategy advisory team creatively put forward the eternal triangle theory, the first triad ecosystem. Focusing on the three dimensions of technical architecture, economic model and source power, under the top-level design, key unit modules must be connected and integrated while operating independently, and closed-loop development is required to achieve the breakthrough and success of the business model.

Break The Impossible Trinity, establish the perfect triangle, set up A value model, ASY successfully created the world. ASY designs unique and innovative smart contracts, technical protocols, prediction machines, identification, block design, consensus mechanism and lifecycle architecture, and fully plans three ecological construction plans. ASY is the world’s first on-chain fork plan, which is based on the core interests of all community members as the focus of the ecosystem. Is a collection of reproduction machine, perpetual motion machine and time machine integration machine, is an innovative platform based on encryption digital technology and unique economic model, is safe and transparent, reasonable return, automatic operation, sustainable development of the excellent aggregate.

ASY platform is not only built and jointly run by users, but also jointly owned by users, and the ownership belongs to the followers. Sanyuan EcoAsia Pacific International Community, as the world’s first pioneer community, adopts DAO2DAO’s innovative community form to gather the strength of the global community and jointly develop and expand ASY’s application and promotion in the world. It is committed to providing a realistic and feasible way to build a global Internet of values, becoming a link between the physical world and the digital world, jointly welcoming the future of crypto digital finance, and gaining trust, wealth and glory together.

To learn more about ASY Chain, kindly send us email at [email protected] today.

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