Harvested and Harvested 2, the Holiday Horror Films for Free on Culture Forward TV

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Harvested and Harvested 2, the Holiday Horror Films for Free on Culture Forward TV

December 12
18:48 2022

What the hell is Harvested?

Harvested is a Holiday Horror Film franchise that is centered around a small town farmer that returns from the dead to serve vengeance on Thanksgiving Day. Although it is a horror slasher film, it contains many cultural subliminals and undertones that shine light on racial atrocities from the past.

Harvested (2021) follows a group of rappers who make a motel pit-stop in a small town while taking a road-trip. Their stay is cut short by the town legend who owns the night. The cult classic boasts an all-star indie cast with Jordan Peelesque creativity, and horror elements from the 1960s. Starring Elester Latham, Ariel Brown, Dean Wil, Miranda Kathleen, Gregor Haley, Penny Q, Shane Liburd, and Andrew Garrett.

As Culture Forward TV‘s very first original film, Harvested lives on the platform where it will always be free and available to the public. Just tap in on Roku and Channel search Culture Forward TV!

Harvested 2 (2022) the holiday horror film sequel to Harvested (2021), is the story of a group of social media influencers who travel to Hayfork, CA on Thanksgiving Day to get footage of the Harvest Monster aka Harold Rice. While chasing fame, fortune and likes, they soon come face to face with the urban legend who owns the night.

Starring Cortney Elise, Ruby Lee Dove, Hana Wu, Meg Cherilus, Amber Perez, Jenna Nimri and Gregor Haley, Harvested 2 is now streaming for FREE, on Culture Forward TV on Roku. Just plug in your Roku player and channel search Culture Forward TV and stream free movies and TV with no subscription needed!

Produced by Culture Forward Media Group LLC, Distributed by Culture Forward TV, Written and Directed by the 23x international award-winning filmmaker (4X Platinum), Ali West Ashe, (Alex West), you can expect his usual creative immersion, rawness and visionary flare that is distinctively unique. The self taught filmmaker proclaims that this is his best work yet, but promises to up the ante for Harvested 3 (2023). The cult classic franchise also features soundtrack music from hip hop artists Cazo Cas, Judell Rome and ClintD.

Directors quote: “I realize that a Thanksgiving Day horror film is a wavy concept so I hope that people can appreciate the creativity and undertones. I wanted to bring a new black monster to the culture and make him more of a hero villain than an evil presence. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself rooting for him as the franchise unfolds. Thank you to my cast, crew and everyone that supports this cult classic.” “Happy Holidays…” – Ali West Ashe

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