Polymerize Connect – A Comprehensive Data Management Platform for Research Scientists

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Polymerize Connect – A Comprehensive Data Management Platform for Research Scientists

February 27
20:45 2023


Leading Material Informatics Provider Polymerize Launches New Data Management Platform for Research Scientists to Digitize Experimental Workflow

Polymerize, the fastest-growing Material Informatics platform provider in Asia, has announced the launch of their new product Polymerize Connect, a cloud-based data management platform designed to revolutionize the way researchers manage their data.

The platform provides a seamless and secure ecosystem for handling complex, diverse and high-volume data, ensuring that the information is consistently organized, readily available, and protected by robust internationally-recognised security protocols. By adopting Polymerize Connect, researchers can digitalize their experimental workflows and reduce inefficiencies that slow the research process, minimize human error and ensure quality results.

Polymerize Connect offers project owners a live 360-degree view of their projects and ongoing work orders, amplifying research understanding in innovative ways and paving the way for informed choices based on desired outcomes. The platform brings together scientists, researchers, and business users to plan, execute, and manage complex research initiatives, with custom workflows designed to meet their specific needs.

Some key features of the platform include:

Role based access

Confidential data poses a constant security risk to organizations, but when secured properly, it can serve as a catalyst for business growth. Polymerize Connect allows users to be granted access to project data based on assigned roles, providing a heightened level of protection for confidential information. This not only safeguards sensitive data but also allows it to be leveraged for strategic business objectives.

Filter feature

The analysis of prehistoric data can be a challenging and tedious process, requiring significant time and effort to sift through the data and arrive at meaningful insights. Polymerize Connect makes this task much easier with its powerful Filter feature for data management. This feature allows you to quickly search for specific information from a vast array of experiments, without the need for manual data sorting or the use of cumbersome spreadsheets. As a result, you can streamline your research process, saving valuable time and improving accuracy.

Multi-stage work order

The multi-stage work order is a powerful feature in Polymerize Connect that allows for convenient referencing and utilization of trial data from previous stages as you progress through your experimental process. This feature is specifically designed to accommodate projects that require intricate and multi-stage pipelines.

Data security

Data security is of the utmost importance, particularly given the complexity and sensitivity of research data. Polymerize Connect establishes effective administrative, preventative, and detection controls to ensure proper access to the database. It features data encryption and security policies integrated at the data and application layer, adhering to the highest security standards and protocols.

Team Collaboration

Polymerize Connect enables more effective collaboration with distributed teams by creating a virtual workspace, allowing users to send files, comment on experiments or processes, and work on various workflows, enhancing productivity and fostering seamless collaboration.

 Compare and Generate reports

Polymerize Connect helps users compare trials from different projects and work orders with just one click and create charts and plots using our built-in reporting feature. Polymerize Connect also offers a custom workflow for research needs, including an agnostic database, data provenance, and data analysis.

Polymerize Connect is designed to drive data-driven decisions in any environment, catering to a diverse customer base across various industries. Its robust data management solution converts research data into valuable assets, integrating all projects, formulations, spreadsheets, and experimental data into one secure platform. The built-in visualization functions allow users to explore and analyze data for deeper insights, expediting research and development.

About Polymerize:

Headquartered in Singapore, Polymerize Labs works with global clients from Japan, India, Europe, and the US, helping them solve their everyday R&D problems and thereby accelerating Material Innovations.

Subscribe now for free trial access to Polymerize Connect and take the first step toward smarter R&D solutions.For more information about Polymerize Connect or to arrange a free product demonstration, please visit https://polymerize.io/connect/

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