Peak Ecology – Empowering the Digital Globalization with Blockchain and Creating a Better Future Together

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Peak Ecology – Empowering the Digital Globalization with Blockchain and Creating a Better Future Together

May 15
18:44 2023

PECO Equalizing shareholding and stock value, Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Digital Economy

In the booming development of blockchain, the trend of digital globalization is sweeping the world. Against this backdrop, the “Peak Ecology Global Impact Summit, One Stop, One Country, Multi-Industry Strategy, Thailand Station, and Peak Ecology Global Community Launch Conference” was grandly opened on May 11, 2023, at the National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand (the conference center in Thailand has the same positioning as the Great Hall of China).

The “Peak Ecology Global Impact Summit” held at the National Convention Center in Thailand is a major strategic initiative of Peak Ecology and an important step in the construction of the global community. The conference focused on key issues such as blockchain reform, digitization of assets, and industry on-blockchain, as well as how to use blockchain technology to empower traditional industries and build a new global digital industry ecosystem. The conference brought together guests and experts to explore the advantages and prospects of blockchain technology in industrial development, providing wisdom and direction for the development of the digital asset industry.

Peak Ecology: Rooted, Souled, Innovative, Leading, Extensive, and Future-oriented

Peak Ecology is the world’s first digital industry cluster ecosystem initiated by overseas China Resources CRC, headquartered in London, UK. The Peak Ecology platform brings together 21 top European and American financial institutions with long-term and in-depth cooperation, including Barclays Bank, Bank of the West, Demeli Securities, OMX, JPMorgan Chase, AXA France, BlackRock, CMC UK, City Index UK, National Westminster Group, Starling Bank, Brewin Dolphin, and Lloyds, covering banking, securities, insurance, trusts, funds, futures, and foreign exchange.

The establishment of Peak Ecology stems from a profound insight into the reform of the traditional industrial chain. Peak Ecology uses blockchain technology to digitize and tokenize traditional industries, realizing asset on-blockchain and making assets tamper-proof. With the support of China Resources’ overseas industrial M&A cluster targets, Peak Ecology digitizes traditional industries and realizes the tokenization of digital assets, bringing users wealth multiplied by hundreds or thousands.

Under the promotion of Peak Ecology, more than 200 global communities have joined and more than 300 professional technical teams have provided technical support, providing strong technical support and a broad community foundation for the development of Peak Ecology. The launch of the conference also means the official launch of the Peak Ecology global community, which will better promote the development of the global digital industry.

Peak Ecology: The Leader of Global Digital Asset Tokenization

Peak Ecology is rooted in the world, driven by innovation, and leading the development of the digital industry. At the “Peak Ecology Global Impact Summit,” Peak Ecology demonstrated its strong background strength and development potential, attracting industry leaders, investors, and media attention from around the world. In the future, Peak Ecology will continue to explore the application of blockchain technology in industries, stimulate the vitality of the digital industry, and promote the construction of the global digital industry ecological system.

This summit also marks a further increase in the global influence of Peak Ecology. With the “one-stop, one-country, multi-industry strategy”, Peak Ecology seizes the opportunities of globalization, empowers various industries, and leads industry development. Whether in the three core fields of finance, industry, or capital, Peak Ecology has demonstrated strong capabilities and determination.

Blockchain reform, as a way of upgrading industries, has significant advantages. It can bring imagination to traditional industries and make the market value of listed companies more potential. Peak Ecology will put industries on the blockchain, digitize traditional assets first, and then securitize them. This innovative development model has established a new paradigm for the global digital asset industry.

By perfectly integrating traditional finance with blockchain technology, Peak Ecology creates a new digital finance ecosystem, realizes the application of PECO in multiple ecological scenarios, and creates wealth by harvesting PECO tokens. At the same time, through blockchain empowerment, Peak Ecology synchronously realizes the digitization of traditional assets and the securitization of digital assets, that is, realizing the multi-equity of PECO tokens, making PECO tokens the only token to participate in Peak Digital Finance, realizing the same rights for stocks and securities, and sharing the market value brought by the securitization of digital assets by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of times.

The core concept of Peak Ecology is “one token, multiple applications, multiple equities, and multiple strategies”. PECO, as the token of Peak Ecology, can not only be diversified in application within Peak Ecology, but also enjoy the advantages of multiple equities and strategies. This design emphasizes the versatility and diversity of PECO tokens, making it an essential tool for participating in Peak Ecology.

Relying on more than five years of exploration and practice of blockchain technology, Peak Ecology empowers the industrial clusters of China Resources CRC’s decades of investment and mergers and acquisitions, realizes blockchain reform, and constructs a global digital industry cluster ecological system. Through blockchain technology, Peak Ecology digitizes traditional finance and assets, securitizes digital assets, realizes the value equivalence of PECO tokens and stocks, and creates a new global digital finance ecosystem. This move is called blockchain reform, which is a digital revolution covering the three core areas of finance, industry, and capital.

PECO tokens, as the key to Peak Ecology, have multiple applications, multiple equities, and multiple strategies. The total circulation is 21 million tokens, with no additional issuance, eliminating the unlimited issuance of cryptocurrencies. To ensure the value stability of the token, PECO tokens are paired with a USDT liquidity pool of 21 million, realizing the certainty of a 1:1 exchange rate between PECO and the US dollar. Moreover, Peak Ecology stores all funds on the chain and realizes completely transparent and open fund management through smart contracts.

When selling on the Pizzaswap decentralized platform, PECO tokens adopt an 11% destruction policy, which is extremely deflationary, reducing the total circulation to 2.1 million tokens. As the demand for multiple scenarios increases, the continuous deflation of PECO tokens will lead to a shortage of tokens, and the value of PECO will continue to rise. This unique destruction policy makes PECO tokens even rarer, and the phenomenon of a shortage of tokens will become more apparent, and the value of PECO will continue to rise.

With faith in their hearts, we will meet at Peak Ecology.

The successful holding of The Peak Ecology Global Influence Summit is not only a review of past achievements but also a prospect for future development. Peak Ecology will continue to uphold the “one-stop, one-country, multi-industry strategy”, leverage its advantages in digital finance, industrial chain reform, and capital securitization, continuously promote the development and innovation of the global digital industry, and lead the trend of global digital asset securitization.

The Peak Ecology Global Impact Summit has become an important event in the global digital industry, showcasing the Peak Ecology’s leadership in promoting the construction of global digital industry ecosystems. The Peak Ecology is not only a leader in global digital asset securitization, but also a builder and promoter of global digital industry ecosystems. In the future, the Peak Ecology will continue to lead the development of the global digital industry with a more open, inclusive, and innovative attitude, bringing more value and wealth to global users. The Peak Ecology Global Impact Summit also revealed the application blueprint of future blockchain technology to participants. In the process of blockchain reform, The Peak Ecology has adopted blockchain technology to digitize traditional industry securities and put assets on the chain. This not only endows assets with the immutable characteristic of blockchain, but also allows assets to flow freely worldwide, bringing users hundreds or thousands of times the wealth.

As the guests of The Peak Ecology Conference said, The Peak Ecology focuses on blockchain reform and realizes the path: digitizing traditional industry assets and issuing digital assets. This is not only Peak Ecology’s core strategy, but also the direction of development for the global blockchain industry. In the process of exploring industrial chain reform, Peak Ecology has accumulated rich experience and practice, and has unique insights and methods for industrial chain reform.

Under the trend of globalization and digitization, Peak Ecology actively promotes the application of blockchain technology, constructs a global digital industry ecosystem, and leads the development of a new global digital financial ecosystem. The successful holding of The Peak Ecology Global Impact Summit and the launch of The Peak Ecology Global Community indicate that The Peak Ecology’s strength in globalization layout, industrial chain reform, and capital securitization has been recognized worldwide, and its influence will further expand.

At the “The Peak Ecology Global Impact Summit,” Peak Ecology also announced its development plan for the metaverse: in the near future, Peak Ecology will develop the former Chinese Embassy site in Thailand and build a comprehensive commercial complex CBD, which will become the origin entity of The Peak Ecology’s metaverse commercial system. This plan demonstrates Peak Ecology’s ambition and confidence in the future.

The successful holding of The Peak Ecology Global Impact Summit and the launch of The Peak Ecology Global Community not only showcase the Peak Ecology’s global layout and future development blueprint, but also provide new thinking and inspiration for the development of the global blockchain industry. At this conference, The Peak Ecology also announced two important pieces of news:

1.the first equal rights project for Peak Ecology’s stock and shares will be launched from October to December 2023;

2.and a large-scale Japan cruise will be held in June 2023 to promote active sharing and communication within Peak Ecology’s global community.

In the future, Peak Ecology will continue to promote the construction of global digital industry ecosystems with finance, industry, and capital as the core, and share the prosperity of the digital economy.

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