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C Block chain (referred to as C chain) will be officially launched with online registration on August 31 and open trading on September 7

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C Block chain (referred to as C chain) will be officially launched with online registration on August 31 and open trading on September 7

August 22
18:45 2019

C Block chain (referred to as C chain) will be officially registered on August 31st, with open trading on September 7th. C Block chain (C chain) is a public focus on blockchain + game vertical track Chain, based on the blockchain technology architecture. It is a distributed game ecosystem platform for the specific application scenarios of the game, with efficiency and security.

C Block chain (C-chain) through the underlying game chain independently developed by the Ethereum Russian Community Miners Alliance team, global game developers and players around the world. It will be able to convert their output into their own revenue. It is also distributed in the ecology in the form of C Block chain (C chain for short). As a value carrier, C Block chain not only circulates in the ecosystem, but also stimulates the greater value ecology outside the game and allows it to participate in the C Block chain value ecological cycle.

The Ethereum Russian Community Miners Union is a combination of Russian leading company Digital Sky Technology (DST) Group and the international top blockchain R&D team and first-class operation team. In April 2019, the Russian C Block chain Foundation was established. Will be committed to the development and construction of C Block chain and governance transparency advocacy and promotion work, promote the safe and harmonious development of open source ecological society.

At the beginning of the foundation, the decision-making committee consisted of the chairman of the foundation, the core members of the C Block chain creation team, the super-ambassador and the cornerstone organization. Each member of the board of directors has a term of two years. In addition to serving and advancing the C Block chain project itself, the Foundation is also committed to using the value generated by the project for the growth and support of ecological members. The Foundation will provide 5,000,000 funds each year to provide potential funding for game developers with an investment of 200,000 to 1,000,000 in order to help developers grow faster; at the same time, the Foundation The “Magic Seed” million special seed incubation fund was set up to help the start-up team quickly put the idea to the ground and the game was chained for faster growth.


The Foundation will continue to support and invest in the C Block chain ecology. The purpose is to drive the upstream and downstream nodes to realize the leap-forward development from technology to application. From the single point prosperity of the C Block chain game chain to the whole C The blockchain ecosystem has a global prosperity.

Platform strength can not be underestimated: platform strength

Digital Sky Technology (DST) is a Moscow-based investment group that is a major investor in the Internet market in Russia and Eastern Europe, with many Internet companies in the region and more than 70% of the Internet market. Major investment companies include Vkontakte, a large social networking site, and Forticom, a Russian Internet portal, mail and social networking company. In addition, its holding company, the Forticom Group, owns more than 70% of the Polish website Nasza Klasa, which has more than 15 million users.

In the current blockchain field, DST business mainly relies on its own mining infrastructure to provide mine construction, power lease, mine operation, equipment purchase and sales, power calculation investment, digital asset trading, and global node users. Circulation, redemption and other services, through the reduction of mining costs, such as cloud mining, the entire network core computer room network, the power contract mechanism, etc., to make the mining service more universal, thus building a new DST digital asset-based Mining services.

Future platform planning:

The purpose of the Ethereum Russian Community Miners Union is to build a future blockchain game eco-alliance with the earliest time global layout. The global roadshow will continue to promote the C-chain to create a global node layout, while docking all the famous game platforms for each player. You can play games on the platform through the C chain and you can make money. When the members reach more than one million to establish the world’s first blockchain game exchange, this will be a disruptive business innovation, and it will be another time in the blockchain era. The wave of wealth, driven by the torrent of the times, the C chain will create a new round of value legend!

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