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“The Transonic Sacrifice: The Mystery of Death in Life” New Book by Glen C. Cutlip

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“The Transonic Sacrifice: The Mystery of Death in Life” New Book by Glen C. Cutlip

October 03
07:40 2020

The Transonic Sacrifice: The Mystery of Death in Life by Glen C. Cutlip is a philosophical guide to the division between life and death which exists within us all. His call to write came to him one night in a dream, and he has since used this spark to set forth his system for living with the purpose of providing a new way to look at the problems we have all wrestled with our entire lives. To learn more about this powerful new way of thinking, we sat down with him to learn more about what’s guided him to this point, and what we can expect in the future.

“What I really wanted to do when I picked up my pen and decided to write was to make this type of lengthy metaphysical argument open to more people than ever before. Irrespective of your faith, background, or age, my goal is to introduce you to my own world view and to show you that when you really start to think about it, it starts to fall right into place. If I can show just one person that there is something in this idea and they use it to do good in the world, I will know that my hard work is moving the world around me in the direction I want to see it go.”

Inspiring words indeed, but where does the real inspiration from the work come from? And how will the reader know that it will resonate with their own view of the world?

“That’s a great question. My inspiration comes from many places, but it was ignited one night in a dream. I never set out to write this book in truth, but when I felt that raw pull I knew I would be doing myself a disservice if I ignored what my inner self was telling me. Now that I have my words and thoughts down on paper, I want to offer them to the world so that everyone has the chance to reflect on what they mean. This isn’t a project of conversion or thought leadership, instead it’s one designed to give everyone the time and space they need to look deep within themselves and understand their true role and place in the world.”

It’s certainly a powerful argument for reading the book when you put it like that, so what can we expect next?

“Another great question there! What I’m really hoping here is to start a dialogue with the rest of the world. My next piece of work will be very much shaped by the response I get and the echos I hear, which is why it’s such a pleasure to have the chance to speak to you about my work today. I would encourage anyone who reads it to get in touch to discuss any of the finer points.”

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