Exploring the Mystical World of Violet Yogi: A Journey Through Soul-Stirring Artistry

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Exploring the Mystical World of Violet Yogi: A Journey Through Soul-Stirring Artistry

February 09
14:35 2024
Step into art, step into connection: Art Connected Globally unveils four powerful pieces that unite everyone.

Art transcends borders, languages, and backgrounds. It speaks a universal language – the language of the human heart. Today, Art Connected Globally (ACG), founded by passionate world citizen Jill H. Remington, unveils four extraordinary art pieces designed to do just that: connect people.

These aren’t just ordinary paintings or sculptures; they are immersive experiences, each possessing a unique power to connect individuals together to:

1.  Empower tolerance:  Walk alongside diverse communities in a vibrant tapestry of cultures, dismantling barriers and fostering empathy.

2. Spark understanding:  Dive into the depths of the human experience, bridging divides and building bridges of shared emotions.

3.  Ignite wisdom: Reflect on the interconnectedness of our world, fostering a sense of global responsibility and collective action.

4.  Celebrate diversity:  Witness the beauty and power of different perspectives, weaving a rich tapestry of human expression.

“Art has the power to transform us,” says Jill H. Remington, whose journey included ringing the Peace Bell at the United Nations alongside Earth Day founder John McConnell. “It pushes us outside our comfort zones, expands our understanding, and reminds us of our shared humanity. With ACG, I aim to create a platform where art ignites a global conversation, leading us toward a brighter, more united future. This Art series is available in Signed Limited Editions of 500 each and Digital Fine Arts Downloads for people who can’t afford the Limited Editions. There will also be an Open Edition, not signed, that will be more affordable as well.”

Each of the four featured pieces at ArtConnectedGlobally.com offers a unique experience:

1.  The Mosaic of Humanity: Visitors can immerse themselves in a breathtaking, interactive mural, where their touch ripples outwards, connecting them to individuals from across the globe.

2.  Windows to the Soul:  Gaze into the eyes of people from diverse backgrounds, experiencing their emotions and stories firsthand.

3.  Whispers of Wisdom:  Listen to the voices of global change-makers, their words echoing with hope and inspiration.

4.  The Symphony of Unity:  Be swept away by a mesmerizing soundscape that celebrates the rich tapestry of human expression.

Art Connected Globally transcends the physical limitations of galleries and museums. It’s an online haven where anyone, anywhere, can connect with art, connect with each other, and connect with the world. All four pieces connect seamlessly with each other. A person anywhere in the world who owns any piece of the collection will be connected with anyone who owns a piece of the collection. Interested individuals can register their pieces online and enter into the global member board, and chat with other owners around the world. It’s a call to action, an invitation to embrace our shared humanity and work together to build a more peaceful, just, and beautiful world.

Join the movement. Visit ArtConnectedGlobally.com today and become part of the global connection.

Contact Jill H. Remington at [email protected] or call 480-787-6775 for more information.

Follow The Violet Yogi and Art Connected Globally on Social Media.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/jillremington

Instagram: instagram.com/artconnectedglobally

About The Violet Yogi: Jill H. Remington

Jill H. Remington, known as the Violet Yogi, is a visionary artist whose work transcends the physical and engages the soul. She believes art is a spiritual portal, a bridge between human consciousness and the realm of the unseen. Every stroke of her brush, every whisper of pigment, carries a message of beauty, wisdom, and transformation.

Jill’s artistic journey began with a profound awakening, a call to share a higher perspective through her art. Her lineage hums with creativity, the legacy of the poet E.E. Cummings whispering in her veins. As a child, she found solace in the masterful works of the past, their visions igniting a spark within her that would later bloom on canvas and paper.

Driven by this inner flame, Jill honed her skills at the University of California Santa Barbara, graduating with a UCSB Certification in Commercial Arts. A defining moment came under the tutelage of renowned sculptor Martinez Vaguel, whose powerful works, including sculptures of Gandhi and Sylvester Stallone, resonated deeply with Jill.

The Violet Yogi’s style is a captivating blend of modern and contemporary Impressionism, infused with a touch of Renaissance elegance. Her mediums of choice – oils, watercolors, graphites, and clay – offer a versatile palette for her profound visions.

For Jill, art is not merely a transaction. Her pieces are intimate expressions of whispers that resonate with specific souls. Each layer of paint, each deliberate stroke, carries a subliminal message, a connection waiting to be discovered. Owning a Violet Yogi creation is not just an acquisition; it’s a pact, a journey into the depths of one’s own spirit.

Private appointments are available to experience the profound world of the Violet Yogi. These intimate encounters provide a space for visitors to connect with her art on a deeper level, allowing it to inspire, provoke, and perhaps even ignite a flicker of their own inner light.

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